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Wortley, Leeds

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We are in the finishing stages of supplying a gas fired ahu to the Holy Family Church in Leeds. This unit consists of two and extract EC plug fans, a gas burner and attenuation in an ultra confined space. This project is for a new customer of ours V-MECH.

The unit had to be located in a basement. The only way this could be done achieved was by our client having to have a suitable access dug out under the church and walled up to floor level. A hole had then to be cut out in the floor large enough for the unit sections to be lowered through. The unit sections and attenuators had to be wheeled through the main church isle and then lowered through the hole in floor by means of a “A Frame” with chain blocks. Care had to be taken that each component had to be lowered in the correct order, as getting them back out again would have been difficult! We currently finishing off the wiring and hope to have the install completed by the 4/8/17.

Further Information

We are looking forward to working with Stuart at V-Mech in the future and the consultant for this project Ashley Wood at Energy Unique. I hope this illustrates Sovereign Air Movements expertise with slightly awkward site assembly.